Development of new innovative methods for cross-border development and promotion of dual training in the metal sector

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INTERREG VA Slovenia – Austria


The INTERREG SI AT project INNOVET fosters the development of innovative methods for encouraging and realising dual apprenticeship in the metal sector in Slovenia and Austria.

In the Austrian-Slovenian border region there is a marked skilled worker shortage in some occupations. For Companies it is getting harder and harder to find suitable and well-educated skilled workers. Furthermore, they often criticise the lack of practical experience in education which leads to a discrepancy between job seekers and employers. The situation for the border region is critical because the worst-case scenario would lead to an outflow of companies and people. 

The goal of this project beside the image-improvement of apprenticeships and an increasing number of skilled workers and apprentices is an improved seamless transition from the education to the job training by adaptation the occupational training to the de facto market requirements. 

The project develops innovative basic approaches for specific shortage occupations with the main shortage occupation metal-technicians (welder). Furthermore, there will be measures to set new and better standards in the job-orientation and activities to enhance the first steps into the apprenticeships and the consciousness-improvement of the value of skilled worker education.

The dual education system will get improved through an analysis and evolution of curricula and innovative measures. Using new e-learning and blended learning methods the system will get fit to the modern times. Pursuant the needs the teachers and mentors will study further together and a cross-border pool of instructors will be created. Furthermore, an intense exchange of experience and transfer of knowledge about the education system between the regions is planned. Through the inclusion of partners from the education sector, corporate sector, and social partnerships the sustainable implementation of the developed basic approaches in the project will be guaranteed. The problems of a common job market concern both sides, so it is necessary to find common solutions through cross-border and innovative measures.


  • Development and fostering of the dual apprenticeship approach in learning 
  • Increasing the number of skilled workers and apprentices
  • Improvement of career orientation and preparation in youths


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