If you need a solution to a specific question about your company's operations, we offer professional assistance through a network of specialists and individual advisors. We respond within 24 hours.


Senior consultant

Head of sector

We have recently assisted our members in the following areas:

  • procedures pertaining to worker postings in other countries
  • establishing and arranging contacts with international business partners, resulting in successful commercial transactions
  • verifying the existence of a foreign company
  • exports to Russia under the current crisis situation
  • debt recovery within the EU
  • checking entry and operating conditions in various countries following the COVID-19 pandemic
  • VAT in international business transactions
  • import procedures

For members, these services are free of charge.

Furthermore, we offer a network of external specialists that provide a consultation service for members in key business areas. The network is regularly supplemented with new areas based on requests and subject topicality.

We give counselling in the following areas based on the requirements and demands of member companies:

  • Taxation and finances: tax consultancy (value added tax, calculations for payroll and other payments), bookkeeping and accounting (financial statements, tax accrual, fixed assets calculations etc.), financial management, business and corporate consultancy, tax implications of conducting business overseas.
  • Finances: financial statements planning, introduction of company controls, administration of receivables, advice on obtaining credit, assistance in applying for tenders (financial aspects), crisis management, insolvency proceedings, payment protection insurance (bills of exchange), enforcement drafts, contracts of security transfer claims, balance-sheet reading.
  • Legislation: advice on commercial company forms, company restructuring, bankruptcy and liquidation, internal company organisation, business contracts, applicable legislation, dispute resolution methods.
  • International employment law: advice on employment relationships including drafting of employment contracts, the exercising of rights and obligations in the employment relationship, terminating an employment contract, exercising and protecting rights, obligations and liabilities in the employment relationship, posting of workers, hiring of foreigners.
  • Employment law: interpretation of employment law, basic guidance on employment contracts, regular and special termination of employment contracts, employers’ general acts of application, and employment of individuals with disabilities.
  • Workplace health and safety: guidance on health promotion in the workplace, implementation of the OHSAS system, periodic investigation of workplace hazards, inspection and testing of work equipment, production of a safety statement, worker training.
  • Public relations: answering journalists’ inquiries, advising on the publishing of incorrect/false information in the media, organising press conferences, briefing journalists, devising a communications strategy, planning the content and layout of in-house magazines and newsletters.
  • Innovation, knowledge, intellectual capital: identifying the organization’s innovation potential, power and competencies, and analysing knowledge management and its role in product and services development, as well as the key role of intellectual capital in business success.
  • Detective work: counselling on rights regarding suspension from work due to illness or injury, working while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and other disciplinary offenses/offenders, debtors and their assets, and peaceful conflict resolution (mediation).


Prospective or existing business entities can use our SPOT registration point to quickly and easily arrange registration (incorporation, registration of changes, deletion, authorisation) of (limited liability) companies and sole traders (sole proprietorships), as well as other e-procedures.

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