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Active and connected for new jobs

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Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities


The operation is designed to provide an appropriate and comprehensive social-entrepreneurial ecosystem with programs that ensure the activation of potentials, motivating the population and target groups and raising awareness of the importance of employing vulnerable groups in the social economy, building competencies of stakeholders and the public to support and develop the SE sector in the region, identifying opportunities, generating social innovations, social entrepreneurial ideas and enterprises, building (socially) entrepreneurial communities and competencies for start-up and growth, and employment in the sector. The key content activities are divided into three parts: community empowerment for the development of the social economy and social innovation; activating and motivating the population, generating socially innovative, socially entrepreneurial and cooperative ideas and enterprises; a program to support target groups and social enterprises and cooperatives in starting and growing.


Operation – project “Active and connected for new jobs and inclusive society – SocioLab” is intended to establish a comprehensive ecosystem to strengthen the potential of individuals, initiatives and communities in order to expand the social economy (social enterprises and cooperatives) and related creation and maintenance of quality and sustainable jobs in the social economy sector and expanding the offer of accessible (socially) innovative products (services and products) that will ensure greater social inclusion of vulnerable groups, contribute to poverty reduction and increase the quality of life and economic and social development in the Podravska region.


  • Established ecosystem (regional network laboratory) for social economy in the Podravska region.
  • 5 regional information points established.
  • Diagnosis of the condition performed and development plans prepared.
  • Conducted training and mentoring / coaching for at least 30 organizations in the social economy sector.
  • At least 200 people are involved in training programs.
  • Implemented support for at least 40 new ones created or maintained jobs in social enterprises and cooperatives.
  • Developed 1 program with materials and Implementation of support program – training and mentoring / coaching in starting social-entrepreneurial and socially innovative enterprises.
  • Implemented support for the development of at least 30 socially innovative products.
  • Implementation of 4 prize competitions for the most socially innovative socio-economic the company of the Podravje region and 2 prize competitions for the best ethical investor.
  • Implementation of a promotional campaign and 4 presentation fairs with open days of companies in the social economy sector.
  • Implementation of an international professional conference.


CITILAB, Institute for the Development of Creative Technologies Maribor, social enterprise

PRJ HALO Rural Development Core

Development Agency Slovenske gorice, d.o.o.

Development Information Centre Slovenska Bistrica

Chamber of Commerce and industry of Štajerska

PIP Institute, Legal and Information Centre Maribor

Association Centre of Alternative and Autonomous Production, social enterprise

Association Social Economy of Slovenia, social enterprise

Scientific Research Centre Bistra Ptuj